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Blackjack Pro

Even though the online possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to playing table games online, sometimes you simply want to play the original version of a title that we all know and love from land based casinos. When it comes to blackjack specifically, those original versions don’t come much bigger and better than Blackjack Pro by NetEnt which, for many players, is the definitive version of the game at online establishments. From the looks to the gameplay, it brings the experience of hitting 21 to life like nowhere else.

Choose your Levels

It’s not just about the looks on Blackjack Pro, although they are everything you’d expect from a NetEnt produced game with their proficiency for quality going much further than just the slots. Before you start playing, you’ll need to decide on a table limit. Some destinations split the various versions of the game into three, while some use a single game with an option. Either way you can take your pick of low roller, standard and high roller tables and, if you’re playing our no deposit version here on this page, you may as well try your luck as a high roller because there’s nothing to lose!

Three Hands of Action

Multi-hand blackjack isn’t exactly an online only occurrence, with even offline venues generally happy to have their table filled with bets regardless of who’s placing them. Nevertheless, one of the “pro” elements of this game is that you can play over three hands at once. That’s not all either, as the hands aren’t the only thing to pique your interest when placing your bets. There’s also an additional bet area alongside each space, much like you’d find on games such as Casino Hold’em. This is the Double Jack Side Bet and is completely optional, and allows you to bet on whether your first one or two cards will be jacks. If the first card is, you’ll receive a return worth ten times your stake, while landing a pair of jacks will bump that up to a 25 times multiplier. If that pair happens to be two jacks of spades, a possibility given the use of four decks on the game, then you’ll receive a hundred times your bet in return. As noted, you don’t have to place this stake and can treat Blackjack Pro as a regular game if you prefer, but the option is there if you’d like some added excitement!

Aside from this, the rules are exactly what you’ll be familiar with, with the dealer standing on seventeen, blackjack playing three to two and so on. With that in mind, if you want to play for fun or develop a strategy then our no deposit version is yours for the playing, and if you’re looking for top class blackjack action like this for real money, be sure to check out the excellent gaming brands featured to the side of this review.

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