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Boom Brothers
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Boom Brothers by NetEnt

We always like to stay on top of the biggest games from the top names and of course all of the latest releases as they become available here at, but one thing that we always like to pride ourselves on is the availability of some hidden gems from the most famous developers. Often, said gems are hidden simply because they never received the deserved publicity rather than actually being bad games and that definitely applies to Boom Brothers. One spin could well have you hooked as it is one of the best looking and most all-round entertaining games that NetEnt has to offer, so let’s get straight into what the action is all about.

Attention to detail is something that this particular developer has always prided itself on and there’s no shortage of that here, even down to the symbols being linked together by chains rather than working like standard symbols. With twenty win lines and an undeniably flexible array of betting options, there are virtually no barriers to entry and you can be spinning like a pro in no time! You’ll be looking to land themed symbols at every turn, with the stars of the show being metallic masks depicting each of the Boom Brothers. They’re joined as a core symbol by the fizzing bomb which acts as a wild, filling in for anything expect the two bonus icons.

Get a Second Chance, Courtesy of the Boom Brothers

The Boom Brothers are always happy to help and one way in which they do this is by giving players a second chance within the base game by taking matters into their own hands. Whether the spin wins or loses, one of the Brothers may charge out from the side of the screen to respin a reel that could lead to a bigger and better win, or even to simply blow a symbol up to allow an improvement to fall into its place.

Win up to Fifty Free Spins with a Multiplier

The first of the main bonus games comes in the form of free spins, which are triggered whenever you manage to land three or more symbols of the same name on a single spin. The triggering symbols themselves will spin to reveal numbers and all of those digits added together make for the number of spins you’ve won. It could be as low as eight or could add up to a maximum of fifty, or just about anything in between. No matter how many spins you start with, you can always earn more with the same symbol combination and each and every prize won during the round is worth three times as much as within the base game.

Hit the Track to Help Out the Boom Brothers

The Boom Brothers assist the player in the base game and the Railtrack bonus is your chance to return the favour. Three railtrack symbols on a win line will trigger the bonus game and your first job is to assist one of the Brothers to his destination by filling in the missing pieces of track. The remaining three Boom Brothers will then appear in the second stage as they attempt to reach a gold bar and two precious gems. Your spins will determine which Brother moves and how far they go, with the first to reach his target representing the prize that you’ll win.

Boom Brothers crams in plenty of action and the visuals and animations are a true sight to behold. Whether you like free spins or prefer to try your luck on themed bonus games, this slot has it all and you can see what it’s all about by trying your luck with no deposit required at the top of the page.

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