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Candy Bars
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Candy Bars Online Game by IGT

Candy Bars is a game that seemingly came out of nowhere – we had no idea that it was going to be released until we actually saw it among the IGT selection at a casino. Naturally, we dropped everything and diverted our attention from the game that we were actually going to play – Silent Movie in case you were wondering – and checked out what this one had to offer so that we could bring this review to you on the day of release! It certainly wasn’t the easiest game review that we’ve ever done, partly because this game is part slot and part puzzler, but we soon got the hand of it and present it to you as a catchy little game that is plenty of fun.

It won’t take long for players to notice one of the major changes from the norm, that being that Candy Bars is only played over four reels – although it makes up for that somewhat through the use of four rows of symbols, effectively making for a square board. These reels are packed with zany symbols that incorporate various types of candy and a number of bubbles. The wild card is the ‘2x’ symbol and, as the design would suggest, it will substitute in for other symbols and double the prize value. It only appears on reels two and three but it is possible to land one on each at the same time – doing so will see the symbols multiplying each other for a quadruple return on the prize in question.

Candy Bars Blackout Symbols

We often refer to filling the whole board with the same symbol as being the holy grail on any game that allows it, but it is positively encouraged here on Candy Bars. They are known as Blackout wins and come around more often than on just about any other game. A full board of the same symbol will see players scooping between 5,000 and 25,000 times their line bet all at once – and that’s not even the biggest possible prize on the game.

Progressive Jackpots

Somewhat incredibly for a game that we didn’t even know was coming, Candy Bars also packs in three different progressive prize amounts, with the Snack Size, King Size and Giant Size jackpots all standing to be won at any time. Actually scooping the prizes is tied in to the chocolate backgrounds that some symbols can have at random. Fill a reel with chocolate and you’ll win a prize – although filling two or three will be much better. Specifically, chocolate on the second reel will win the Snack Size prize, while the same on reels two and three will lead to the King Size jackpot. Hit chocolate on each of reels two, three and four at the same time and the Giant Size progressive jackpot is yours for the taking.

This is definitely a pretty strange game, but one that is most certainly well worth getting acquainted with. If you’re after a change of pace from slots gaming conventions and want the chance of hitting massive wins through both Blackout wins and progressive prizes, you cannot go wrong on IGT’s Candy Bars. Play the full game to get a feel for the action right here as part of this PLG review or take a real money shot at the epic wins by playing for real at a leading IGT online casino brand.

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