Online Instant Play Blackjack

There's a reason why blackjack is one of the most highly regarded casino games in the world. It shines through simplicity and virtually every player, on their first ever visit to a casino, will probably sample the delights of blackjack before any other game. After all, what could be simpler than attempting to draw cards until you're as close to 21 as possible? We often say that a casino gaming experience would not be complete without the opportunity to enjoy blackjack, but when you're online, you don't need to stop at the basic rules. We're all about choice and variety and you can get your blackjack fix in both its original form or with a twist by hitting up the great games below:

Three Blackjack Games to Try

We've covered a lot of bases with the selection of blackjack games presented above but if you fancy playing something a little different, or simply want to know what our go to blackjack game is when we want to enjoy the authentic rules, then the following games are likely to be the perfect place to start.

Blackjack Pro by NetEnt

If you're not after a load of bells and whistles and simply want a great looking blackjack game that operates exactly as you would expect in an offline casino, minus the human dealer of course, then NetEnt's Blackjack Pro is the ideal choice. NetEnt as a developer is known for great graphics and this extends from slots to table games. Here, you'll find fluid animations and plenty of minor additions that make for one of the most definitive online versions of any table game.

Double Exposure Blackjack by Microgaming

Illustrating the beauty of playing online perfectly is Double Exposure Blackjack and while both Microgaming and NetEnt offer a version of the game, we've gone with the Microgaming offering to illustrate the visual differences between the two developers. In terms of the rules, they're identical and Double Exposure gives you much more to work with by way of information, allowing for even more intricate decisions. Sure, there are compromises in the rules as you'll discover in the full review, but as far as blackjack with a twist goes, they don't get much better than this!

Pontoon Pro Series by NetEnt

Finally, we have another great twist on the original game and one that our British readers are likely to be more than familiar with. Visually, there's virtually nothing to choose between this game and Blackjack Pro mentioned above, but the rules have been modified somewhat to introduce the concepts of five card tricks, sticking and twisting and more. If you're an experienced blackjack player then this game will present no difficulties at all to learn but, like Double Exposure Blackjack, offers a captivating alternative to the original game - if you need one!

Remember, each and every one of these games can be played right here on the site and is accompanied by a full review so if you've got any concerns about exactly how to play, we've got you covered before you get some practice in.