Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon
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Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot

NetEnt’s range of excellent online video slots based on classic movies is one of the best loved series in all of online slots gaming, but here on Creature from the Black Lagoon they’ve taken a somewhat different approach to what players might expect. Rather than the traditional atmospheric approach, they’ve instead opted to put something of a cartoonish twist on proceedings. That all adds up to a game that looks just as good as ever, but manages to do so in its own way and as something that you may well not have seen before!

The developer has also opted to return to its somewhat traditional betting option style, with the familiar control panel in place. This means that fans of the movie or even just those who want to enjoy an epic slots experience, will have absolutely no trouble with getting to grips with what this title has to offer.

Wild Action at Every Turn

If you’re a fan of wild cards on slots in general then you’ll be absolutely over the moon with just how important that particular symbol is here on this game. It all kicks off on the base game as every wild that lands will see the symbol itself remaining in place while one additional respin plays out. It might not sound like much but these respins and their prizes can definitely stack up quickly and that’s not even where the influence of the wild card ends as you’ll discover below.

A Free Spins Bonus with More Wilds

The free spin symbol on the game is fairly self-explanatory and all you really need to know about it is that you’ll need to land three or more to trigger the feature. Specifically, three in view will award ten free spins, while four will award fifteen. One on each reel is good for twenty free games and your first port of call is an interesting cinematic – although you’ll probably only want to watch this once as it never changes! Then, it’s back to the board, but the themed action continues.

During free spins, a crosshair can appear on the board and when it does so, this basically means that you’re taking a shot at the Creature from the Black Lagoon itself. The more hits you make, the more powerful the wilds become. The first two hits are pretty irrelevant, as the wild continues to act as it does in the base game, but when you reach the three to five hits range, things get a little better. Any wilds that land will also spread one place to the left for double the value, with respins once again playing a part.

Moving on to the six to eight hits range, players will see their wild cards spreading once more, this time to the left and the right, with a respin thrown in once again. Finally, if you manage nine hits you’ll grab ten more free spins with all wilds just as potent as they were within the six to eight range for all ten games.

Creature from the Black Lagoon delivers some great branded slots entertainment from NetEnt once again and is an absolute pleasure to play. It’s so good that it could even convert people who have never even seen the movie into fans! Check out everything that it has to offer at the top of this review or play it yourself with no download but real money on the line at one of our recommended NetEnt gaming brands!

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