Deuces Wild Double Up

Deuces Wild Double Up
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Deuces Wild Double Up by NetEnt

As far as video poker is concerned, one style of the game that virtually every player is sure to be familiar with is Deuces Wild. Even if you’ve never played this particular format before, it goes without saying that the name is pretty self-explanatory. Reasonably standard poker rules are in effect when it comes to the hand rankings and you’ve got an extra chance at forming a good hand whenever you’re dealt a deuce as it acts as a wild card. Sure, there are some compromises to be made when it does come into play but they’re few and far between and we’ll cover them later.

Deuces Wild with a NetEnt Twist

Since streamlining their video poker selection, this game has become the one and only Deuces Wild game in the NetEnt portfolio. Fortunately, it’s the only one you’ll need. It respects the format of video poker games but still manages to stand out in its own right with the famously excellent NetEnt visuals being in full effect, alongside the regular controls.

Starting out sees players choosing a bet level and coin value as normal, although one difference between this game and many others is that you can also choose the number of hands you wish to play over. You can settle for one and play the traditional way, but can just as easily increase that number to five, ten or 25 and scoop added value whenever you’re dealt a cracker. The cards that you hold on the initial deal are transferred to every other active hand, so if you’ve already managed to land four deuces or a royal flush, you’ll be guaranteed a massive win.

Even the smaller wins can soon add up, especially when utilised to trigger the gamble game. That’s where the “Double Up” nature of the action comes into play as you can risk it all on the turn of a card to turn even a basic three of a kind win into a profit.

Important Rules

Speaking of three of a kind, the key difference between this game and something like Jacks or Better Double Up, for example, is the fact that winning hands come into play at this point, with any single pairs being losers. Fortunately, the inclusion of the wild card means that you’ll rarely have to settle for just a pair and if you’re playing over multiple hands, there are most definitely plenty of chances to win.

You’ll also notice on the pay table that a natural royal flush is understandably worth considerably more than one that includes deuces, although landing four deuces is conversely worth much more than landing four of a kind.

There are a few other minor tweaks to the pay table that serve to make Deuces Wild Double Up what it is, but they don’t take long to grasp, especially when you’re actually playing the game. Therefore, why not get straight into the action right now for free by playing here at If real money NetEnt Deuces Wild sounds more like your kind of thing, then check out that version of the game now by playing with one of the great gaming names featured in the sidebar!

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