Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack
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Double Exposure Blackjack by NetEnt

As far as we’re concerned, online blackjack will always trump its land based counterpart for one particular reason, that being the sheer variety of games available online. When was the last time you had the opportunity to play Double Exposure Blackjack offline? If you’re anything like us, the answer would be never but there are no such limitations here at and the game is a treat to say the least!

Be In the Know

The principle behind the game, which sets it apart from more traditional blackjack games like NetEnt’s own Blackjack Pro, is that more information is offered to the player before they decide to hit, fold or take advantage of any of the other options available on the game such as doubling or splitting when holding certain cards. This information is given through the fact that not only are the player’s hole cards dealt face up, but the same can also be said of the dealer’s. Essentially, you know what you’re up against before making any decisions, opening up relatively unique situations such as hitting on eighteen if the dealer is displaying nineteen. Overall, this change definitely adds another layer of strategy to the game that players may well have never considered previously.

Rule Adjustments

Of course, if the only difference between Double Exposure Blackjack and the standard version of the game was that the player could see what the dealer was holding, many real money casinos would go bust rather quickly! Your odds of winning are actually pretty close to those used in normal blackjack and this is achieved by some tweaks to the rules. For starters, blackjack only pays out at evens, clipping a little bit of value off the game’s top hand. There are no pushes here unless you’re holding blackjack either, with all other forms of tie awarded in favour of the dealer. In all fairness, the “double exposure” nature of the game means that ties are less common than in the normal game as you’ve got more chances to go straight for the win.

In terms of the basics, the dealer continues to stand on seventeen and hit on sixteen and the game uses six decks at all times to form the hands. Like many of NetEnt’s games, Double Exposure Blackjack makes use of low roller, standard and high roller versions and the choice there is yours whether playing with no deposit or hitting the tables for real.

With that in mind, give NetEnt’s take on Double Exposure Blackjack a go right here on this page with no deposit required. If you appreciate the nuances and differences between this game and the standard kind, be sure to give it a go for cash – you won’t find any better places to do just that than with the great NetEnt partner brands featured in the sidebar.

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