Elements – The Awakening

Elements – The Awakening
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Elements – The Awakening

Elements – The Awakening is another great video slot game from NetEnt and was originally selected for inclusion here at PlayLogicGames.com as it fits nicely into our space theme. However, while you may be mostly familiar with aliens and stars on such games, such as Space Wars and Alien Robots, the developer has taken the theme to the definite next level here with incredible graphics and animations that rank right up there among the very best around.

Rather than filler symbols, the board and the associated twenty win lines are packed with symbols that are effectively large and small versions of each other. They are of course all based on the elements as we know them, meaning water and fire action alongside air and earth, together with a metal cube that signifies the wild card on the game.

Rolling Reels for Elemental Wins

One of the main enticing features of the game is that the base game includes rolling reels. This means that any winning combinations will cause their participating symbols to disappear from the board, with new ones landing from above and taking their place. There’s a relatively small number of symbols in play on this game, so the chances are significantly higher than most other slots to make consecutive winning combinations.

If you hit four wins in a row then not only will you already have been in for a decent prize, but you’ll also be able to enter the main bonus game, with different versions based on each of the elements. All of them involve ten free falls – meaning free spins – and have a different twist depending on the dominant element. In the Air Storm bonus, for example, two additional air wilds will enter the screen at the start of the game and remain in place for the rest of the round. There’s also the Fire Storm round, where extra fire wilds appear on reels two, three and four and can spread like wildfire – excuse the pun – to cover additional reel positions. Both water and earth also have their own respective bonus features on the game too and they’re always well worth keeping an eye out for.

If you want to see what those bonus features have to offer with no deposit and indeed without even needing to leave this page then you can do exactly that at the top of this review, where we’ve got the full, free version of Elements – The Awakening loaded up and ready to play. If you prefer the buzz of real money gaming action then that’s offered on this game and many more NetEnt favourites at the great gaming brands located in the sidebar.

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