European Blackjack Gold

European Blackjack Gold
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European Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

If you’ve seen our review and even played NetEnt’s version of Blackjack Pro here at then you may well have noticed that we noted that it is considered to be the definitive version of online blackjack among players. One game that shares that kind of status comes from Microgaming who are certainly no slouches when it comes to table games in their own right. The graphics measure up once again – a given whenever one of the company’s games is appended with the “Gold” tag – and the gameplay is something that any player can enjoy.

The Rules of the Game

As you’d probably expect, European Blackjack or, in this case, European Blackjack Gold, doesn’t deviate too far from the standard rules of the game that we all know and love. One major change that can have quite an impact depending on your strategy is that the game is played using only two decks of cards, compared to four on Blackjack Pro and six on Double Exposure Blackjack, for example. For players like us that simply feel that it is ‘us against them’, this is of course of little concern!

Doubles are allowed on any hand worth nine, ten or eleven and can also be utilised once after a split. That split is only permitted once and does of course have to take place with a pair in the hole. In this particular game, drawing a ten to pair a split ace counts only as 21 and is paid accordingly, rather than at the enhanced odds of blackjack itself.

That really is pretty much all there is to European Blackjack Gold and we think you’ll agree that even if you’re not the most experienced blackjack player, it won’t take long to hit the tables in style and be making use of the minor rule tweaks. As you’d expect from any Microgaming table game, this one is a piece of cake to play and an absolute pleasure at the same time, with quality graphics and gameplay being almost a given. Get a feel for what the game is all about by playing the full version here on the page, all with no deposit required, or try your luck for cash virtually instantly by heading over to one of the great Microgaming partner brands in the sidebar. There, you’ll be able to register an account and get playing in no time, all while picking up some truly tasty bonuses!

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