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Family Guy IGT Game

Family Guy probably falls into the same category as South Park, another animated classic, in the fact that even if you haven’t seen it, the chances are that you’ve heard of it. Indeed, this show is one of the biggest hits of the last decade or so – perhaps somewhat surprisingly – and one of the biggest surprises of all is that it has taken so long to see an online game based on the Griffin family! In all fairness, the same could have been said of the South Park game too, but with those titles having gone on to become essential action for any player, we definitely have high hopes for this one so let’s get right into seeing exactly what it’s all about.

Thirty Lines and a Bonus Bet

The base game is packed with characters and objects that will be familiar to any fan of the show, even down to Rupert the teddy bear. The show’s logo also comes in handy as a wild card too and so the wins come thick and fast. However, the importance of the features can’t be understated so we wouldn’t want to warn any player off staking the minimum, which is a coin each on the thirty lines and another twenty lines to bring the features into play. It may be unusual, but believe us when we say that it’s well worth it!

The Griffin Mystery Bonus

It won’t take long to see the features come to the fore as the Griffin Mystery Bonus can come into effect following any spin that doesn’t see a bonus symbol landing on the second reel. There are four potential outcomes which kick off with Peter entering the screen and literally farting out an instant prize that can be worth up to 5,000 coins! Stewie can appear to turn a reel either partially or entirely wild, while Lois will pick three members of the family and assign cash values. When they appear on the next spin, either alone or in multiples, you’ll scoop that cash instantly. Finally, Brian can wander into the fray and will award the World Bonus if you already have a scatter on reels three and four.

The World Bonus

Speaking of the World Bonus, it is the main event on Family Guy and is highly enjoyable to say the least! The standard way of entering is to land the bonus scatter on reels two, three and four at the same time, at which point you’ll be instructed by Stewie to spin the globe to reveal which of three potential features you’ll be playing. The first is the Chicken Fight, where you back either Peter or the Chicken to win as they fight over three rounds. Back the winner and you’ll receive picks on between four and seven cash sacks; lose and your selections are limited to between one and three. You’ll also scoop a prize multiplier for rounds won too.

Next up is Lois’s free spins round, with ten initial spins. When Peter’s heart lands on the fifth reel, it will start to fill the meter at the bottom of the screen. Each full meter will see the relevant symbol turning wild for the rest of the round, and a token appearance from Quagmire on the third reel will add five more spins to your remaining total.

Finally, it’s off to the Drunken Clam where players can choose one of Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland or Joe before using that character to pick from various beer taps. A prize is won for each tap, but there’s also a chance for a character to pass out drunk – if it’s yours then the round is over. After the tenth tap pick, it is guaranteed that one character will drop but you can continue playing while at least one of them is still going.

Was Family Guy worth the wait? Most definitely. It is one of the most complete slot games ever made and if you enjoyed NetEnt’s South Park games then you’re guaranteed to love this. It’s already one of our favourite games of all time and IGT has definitely done a job on this one. There’s plenty to keep anyone entertained, even if they haven’t even seen the show, so we’d definitely suggest giving it a spin and immersing yourself in the city of Quahog on our no deposit version at the top of the page!

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