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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Video Slot

It was almost inevitable really. When any television show becomes an international hit, you can be sure that the leading video slot game developers will be queueing up to take hold of the license in order to create a great game based on the theme. It’s happened with everything from South Park, courtesy of NetEnt, to IGT’s 50,000 Pyramid, so it was always likely to come to pass as far as Game of Thrones is concerned. In actuality, this game feels more like it was based on the books than the show – there aren’t any familiar characters on the reels with playing card icons and House logos making up the majority of the board and the closest you’ll come to any clips is during the gamble game of all places. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan, then this game is sure to be right up your street!

Play over Fifteen Lines or 243 Ways, Online or on Mobile

One thing that Game of Thrones is definitely is flexible. The game is offered in both fifteen line and 243 ways formats, so even slots gaming traditionalists don’t need to miss out on any of the action. It was also one of the few games to be released simultaneously across online and mobile platforms, so whether you want to play on your desktop or your iPad, this game will be there wherever you are. All versions also incorporate each and every one of the special features detailed below.

Pick a House for your Free Spins Bonus

As with most Microgaming slots, branded or otherwise, the core bonus feature on Game of Thrones revolves around free spins, although there is most certainly a themed twist in play. Four different rounds are offered with each based on a House, and you can either pick the one that offers your favourite combination of spins or multipliers or align yourself with one of the factions and choose in that manner.

Baratheon offers the lowest number of free games, but compensates for that with the largest multiplier. The bonus round consists of eight free games and a five times multiplier to be precise, with the Baratheon symbol coming along in stacks of three. At the other end of the scale is Targaryen where you’ll receive eighteen spins, a two times multiplier and the House symbol landing in stacks of six. You may only be able to land three at once, but it greatly enhances the chances of hitting a full stack at the same time.

Lannister and Stark fall in the middle, with the former offering ten free games with a four times multiplier and the latter awarding fourteen spins with a three times multiplier. The House crest comes in four and five symbol stacks too and either of these options is great for players that want to remain neutral.

Play Game of Thrones for Free or for Real

The best way to work out which of the bonus games is best for you is of course to play it for yourself. You can sample all of the action with no risk at all by playing right here at with no deposit, or dive straight into the real money action on just about any device imaginable at the great gaming brands feature on the side of this page.

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