Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Progressive Jackpot Slot Games
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If you speak to any seasoned casino game player, whether they’re accustomed to playing online or on land, they will tell you that while there are jackpot versions of many games out there, the real way to win big online is by playing premier online jackpot slots. These games are designed to play just like any other slot, often including standard features and bonuses, but also offer a small chance to every player to take down a massive prize that has been contributed to by everyone who has taken a spin since the prize was last won. We play to win here at PLG and if you’re going to win, you may as well win big!

Check out our jackpot games:

How Do They Work?

Progressive jackpot slots work by taking a small amount from each stake and placing them into a jackpot pool. This could be one top prize or a number of tiers of jackpot amounts. This is done in a way that the player will not see as if you place one coin on a line and hit a win worth ten coins, you will still receive that ten-coin prize - the money isn't directly taken away. However, the return to player percentage is adjusted to allow the removal of a tiny part of each stake.

How to Win

Generally speaking, the more you bet, the more your chance of winning a big prize, especially on games where they are awarded at random. This ensures that players using the minimum bet do not have as much chance of taking down a massive prize as someone betting ten times as much, for example. Specifically, different games have different means of winning and it's well worth checking out our reviews to see how to win. Here are some examples that can be found here on the site:

Geisha Wonders and Icy Wonders

Both of these games feature the same linked jackpots and their own free spins rounds. There are two types of jackpots to be won, with one requiring four star symbols on a win line and the larger one requiring five.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams

The Mega Fortune range also comes from NetEnt and the jackpot is won slightly differently. Three wheel of fortune symbols on a win line will take players to the wheel itself and they must then spin their way through three sectors to reach the top jackpot. There are different tiers to be won along the way, together with fixed coin amounts as consolation prizes.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is Microgaming's biggest jackpot slot game. Rather than looking out for a certain combination of symbols, players will be instead hoping that their luck is in as any of the four jackpot tiers can trigger at random at any time, with players once again being taken to a lucky wheel to attempt to win as much as possible. This game makes use of the system noted previously where the higher your spin bet, the more chance you have of taking down a big prize.

Progressive jackpot slots are a great way to make a big win count and with records on each of these games that extend well into the millions, they are the best way to win truly huge amounts at online casinos. The progressive prizes are not available on our no deposit versions of the games but you may well want to try your luck and familiarise yourself with them before playing for real, something that can be done at some of the most reputable casinos around, and even on the latest mobile apps.