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Kings of Chicago
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Kings of Chicago Game by NetEnt

NetEnt’s reputation for innovation on the reels is pretty much unmatched in the gaming industry but while that has been built on new features and bonuses, Kings of Chicago stands out in another way. If you’ve played just about any recent slot game out there, you’ll know that most developers are particularly fond of using the playing card ranks as symbols at the lower end of their pay tables. However, this game takes playing cards to a whole new level with the cards themselves serving as all the symbols. There’s a loose mobster theme too, something that gives the game its name, and that comes to the fore quickly when you notice the characters that are depicting the various kings and queens.

Poker Ranks for Winning Combinations

The use of visual cards isn’t the only way in which Kings of Chicago manages to stand out. They also play a part in coming up with winning combinations. Traditionally, matching symbols make for wins, but that’s not the case here – or at least it’s only part of what’s going on. The prizes are actually based on hand ranks, taken directly from poker. You can win in the traditional manner by putting together three, four or five of a kind, but can also win with the likes of flushes, full houses and straights. If you’ve never played poker before then it can be worth familiarising yourself with these ranks as some combinations are of course worth more than others. You can also make use of the joker which, in true card gaming fashion, is wild. It also doubles as a two times multiplier every time it partakes in a prize being awarded.

Bump your Bankroll with Free Deals

Rather than spins, Kings of Chicago is all about deals, so the next question is how do players go about getting some free deals! Rather than a separate scatter symbol, some cards are simply embossed with “scatter” on their main graphic and they work both as their standard card and a scatter. Three, four or five of these cards in view are worth ten, fifteen or thirty free deals respectively and the embossed cards continue to appear throughout. There’s no joker required here either, although he does continue to play a part, as every win is automatically doubled regardless of the presence of a wild card.

If you want something fresh without necessarily being new, then Kings of Chicago continues to be a slots gaming experience unlike any other. Indeed, if slots and video poker came together, this would be the result and it works absolutely wonderfully. The game is highly recommended for anyone that hasn’t ever tried it before and you can get well acquainted with proceedings back up at the top of this review.

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