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Lucky Twins
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Lucky Twins by Microgaming

While players can always expect something new from Microgaming each and every month, it isn’t quite as much of a given that what they end up with will be all that exciting! In a month where the developer released two games, it’s fair to say that Lucky Twins is the least inspired of the pair (the other is Peek a Boo and that game can also be found here on the site). It makes use of the Oriental theme once again, which isn’t the largest surprise that Microgaming has ever pulled, and if we had to be honest, we’d say that they have released Lucky Twins as something of a tribute to their older games.

The first indication of this doesn’t take long to discover as there are only nine lines. Players won’t have many variables to contend with when playing either as these lines are fixed, meaning that it is simply a case of cycling through the potential bet amounts and then deciding between automatic play and manual spins. When that’s all settled, it is on to the main game where you’ll be looking to match up as many symbols as possible.

The Twin Wild and Lucky Ingot

There are two reasonably special symbols on the game and the first of these focuses on the twins of the title. They’re displayed on the game’s wild card and it is as standard as they come. The golden ingot follows a similar principle too in that it is a scatter symbol, but not necessarily one that will get players overly excited. Its only role is to pay out prizes simply for landing three times or more on the board, regardless of the win line configuration. That’s all that there is to it, with no free spins and not even a pick a win bonus to break up the base game.

Lucky Twins for Mobile Devices

Lucky Twins is a game that would lead to us being more surprised if it had not made its way onto mobiles. It is so simple in execution that there are probably phones from a decade ago that would be capable of running it! Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something to pass the time on the move and simply don’t have the time or patience to wait around for bonus rounds, then you can play this title safe in the knowledge that you won’t be missing out on anything.

As you can probably tell, we found Lucky Twins to be a somewhat underwhelming game by Microgaming’s modern standards. It looks pretty good and what it does achieve by way of action is certainly solid. You can see what it’s all about back at the top of this review although we’d probably suggest sticking to mobile play if you’re not in a hurry!

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