Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly Big Event
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Monopoly Big Event WMS Slot

The Monopoly brand is one of the hottest properties – excuse the pun – in gaming and that goes not only for the board game and the multiple variations covering everything from football teams to Star Wars, but also when it comes to online slots too. It’s one of the few licenses to have attracted real competition and you may well remember that IGT had a line of online slots based on the game which have since disappeared. That disappearance was due to the exclusive online rights going to WMS and they’ve followed it up with Monopoly Big Event, the first of what is sure to be many Monopoly themed slots from the company.

The Monopoly-tastic Base Game

To call Monopoly iconic would be an understatement and you’ll know exactly what you’re in for by way of looks as soon as the game loads. The familiar logo is joined by all the playing pieces as the core symbols and you’ve got twenty lines over which to match them up. It looks great, just as you’d expect from a WMS slot, and is an absolutely pleasure to play, although the fun really ramps up when you manage to find yourself in the main feature.

Prepare Yourself for the Big Event

With a name like this, you’d expect the main feature to be something special and that’s most definitely the case. It is made up of three core free spins rounds, each with a special feature addition. The bonus feature you receive is determined by the number of triggering scatters and you’ll need at least one each on reels one, three and five to enter. The scatters are stacked on the fifth reel and landing three at once is what makes the bonus much more impressive.

The round itself will commence after you’ve picked from a screen of Chance and Community Chest cards to determine the number of spins and any multipliers, plus some extra bonuses that will remain in play for the whole round. The Community Chest will reveal the spins, while the Chance cards each hide a bonus symbol. When you match three, the relevant feature comes into play.

If you enter free spins with one or two scatters on the fifth reel, you’ll be awarded the House Sneak Preview, while three scatters trigger the Hotel Sneak Preview. These features will reveal the locations of the house and hotel cards respectively on the pick board, allowing you to guarantee access to the feature. You can also pick up locking wilds, which will remain in place for the rest of the round after they land, and dancing wilds which will choose one real prior to each spin to turn completely wild. You’ll also often find yourself finding a number of guaranteed wins from the Community Chest cards, which contribute to a counter on the screen. Each winning free spin decreases the number by one and any that remain after the round will be played out separately as win spins.

The Big Bet Game

The large purple button that says “Play Big Bet” cannot have escaped your attention and this is essentially a pay to play bonus game. It is by no means cheap, but offers an alternative to higher rollers and includes two different features that cannot be accessed in any other way. You’ll be treated to free spins once again although this time they’re accompanied by massive multipliers and there’s a chance to enter the main Big Event bonus game through these rounds.

Monopoly Big Event for Mobiles

While we’ve probably made the game sound rather complicated, it’s actually a fairly easy one to pick up and play, even by WMS standard, and a few entries into the bonus game will have you playing like a pro in no time. Indeed, the game is even simple enough to be suitable for mobile play thanks to bold graphics and fun gameplay and you can do just that on some of the leading mobile apps. If you’re looking to play for money then look no further than the great brands in the sidebar where you can play both online and on mobile. If you’d prefer to play for free then head back up to the top of this review where you can enjoy Monopoly Big Event with no deposit or download required!

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