Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold

Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold
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Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold by Microgaming

Some players enjoy roulette for the atmosphere, anxiously watching and absorbing the tension as the ball is spun and the outcome is decided. We’re not that kind of player – we play to win and if you do too then Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold from Microgaming is sure to be right up your street. The chances of winning are pretty good too seeing as the basis for the game is French Roulette, meaning none of those pesky double zeros to ruin the fun!

The Basics

If you’re already a fan of Microgaming’s online roulette titles then the looks on this one won’t present any surprises. There may have been various generations of roulette games with some looking better than others – they have been producing this kind of game since 1993 after all – but nowadays, if it’s still available online then you can be sure that your game of choice will look stunning and just as close as you could hope to the real thing.

The bet placement options are also sure to be highly familiar given that there’s not all that much that could possibly change! Simply choose a chip denomination and place it wherever you fancy on the game board. You may also want to make use of some of the expert functions at this point, which can be accessed from the left hand side of the screen. This covers special bets and a few other features that will make the lives of experienced roulette players noticeably easier. Even if you want to keep things simple, there is still the option to instantly re-bet or bet on the same positions for double the amount on the following spin.

Play Up To Eight Wheels at Once

As we said, we’re not big fans of soaking in the roulette atmosphere when playing online and are far more concerned with the opportunity to win as big as possible, as fast as possible. This is where Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold comes into its own, as rather than one big wheel being presented on the screen, there are actually eight in view and you can play as many as you like all at once. Basically, if you usually play the same bet pattern at the same stakes over and over again, you can cut the time it takes to spin the wheel down hugely and effectively play eight rounds at once. Each wheel is of course funded separately, just as you’d find on an online multi-hand video poker game and all wins are credited at the same time, allowing you to make the next move without delay.

In all fairness, Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold would be an excellent iteration of online roulette even without the added functionality and you can always knock the number of active wheels down to one without being disappointed. Then again, we’d probably recommend something like Premier Roulette Diamond Edition if that’s the case! Either way, you can sink your teeth straight into the eight wheels with no deposit, download or registration right here on the page and the real money version of the game is live and ready to play right now at the top gaming brands that we’ve listed on the side of this review.

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