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OMG! Kittens
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OMG! Kittens Slot Game

We always considered Aristocrat’s Miss Kitty to be the cutest online slot game that we were ever likely to encounter. That said, we didn’t know at the time that WMS was planning to bring OMG! Kittens to our screens and while we like to remain positive with our introductions, we like to be honest too and this is one game that you’re either going to love or hate. We can definitely see the angle that the developer has gone for with the game – WMS itself includes instructions to “fill the reel array with one kitten for adorable picture pays!” We can’t recall ever referring to an online slot as being “adorable” but if that’s your thing and you fancy some great WMS gameplay, read on to see all that the game has to offer!

Tiger, Bubbles and Mr Whiskers Combine for Big Wins

To be fair, that instruction is correct, as landing the starring kitties will lead to some truly decent wins. They are each a different breed and when they land, they’ll land in reel sized stacks, no questions asked. Three or more make for a decent return, and filling the board with just one kitten will lead to a massive win worth a thousand times your line bet. It might be overly cutesy, but with wins like that at stake we can definitely get our paws on this one!

Trigger Free Spins with your Favourite Kitten

They’re not just worth great prizes either. Land any combination of two or more of the three cats on reels one to four, together with the bonus stack on reel five and you’ll be awarded at least five free spins. This can lead to some massive wins and even extra spins and, as you may have guessed, they’re particularly reliant on the kitties once again. They can award more spins, instant cash and even multipliers that last for the rest of the round, with just one appearance leading to some kind of return and three at once leading to something exponentially better. If you’re into spins, Bubbles is the best possible example as one appearance will add five to the total, two will add ten, three will bump up your remaining total by twenty and all four will trigger 45 more spins, taking players straight to the maximum fifty spins limit. Meanwhile, Tiger takes care of multipliers and Mr Whiskers is the one to keep an eye on for instant cash.

OMG! Kittens may be far too cute for some players but there is actually a surprising amount of depth to the game, including one of the most genuinely lucrative bonus rounds that we’ve ever seen. Our best advice would be that even if the looks put you off, you should definitely give the game a go, not least because it can lead to some spectacular returns! Play now with no deposit here on the site or for cash and bonuses over at the great gaming brands in the sidebar!

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