PayPal Casinos

PayPal Casinos
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For a long time, the thought of using PayPal to manage your online and mobile gaming transactions was little more than a pipedream, not least because the world’s largest payment provider was not all that keen on being associated with the casino industry. However, times have changed and most reputable online casinos are just as secure as online banks, leading to PayPal now surging in popularity as a means of quickly and easily making deposits and receiving withdrawals in a similarly timely manner. It’s still very much a growth industry and so it is never a given that a certain casino will offer the PayPal opportunity – that is of course unless you take your pick of gaming brands from the following, each of which comes highly recommended in its own right.

MyBet   SlotsMagic   Bet365

Playing with PayPal

If you’re already happy to use PayPal for your casino deposits and withdrawals then you can go right ahead and read further about the great casinos above. However, you could just as easily be wondering why exactly PayPal is becoming so popular and what it can bring to your gaming experience. On the first count, it is becoming popular at casinos for the same reason that it has proven to be enduringly popular for most forms of online transactions. It’s safe and secure, quick and easy and saves every single deposit and withdrawal from cluttering up your bank statement.

That’s not all either. PayPal is the funding method of choice for many players simply because it is often the quickest way of doing things. Deposits are of course instant, and withdrawals are almost as fast as using PayPal takes bank clearing times out of the equation. Whereas you may have had to wait around for several days for withdrawals to clear in the past, most PayPal casinos transfer funds within a matter of hours. With PayPal withdrawals themselves often being instant, you can almost seamlessly make a deposit, play and then withdraw your winnings.

Our Rated PayPal Casinos

As always when it comes to Hot Topic features here at, the subject matter may be precise but the same rules apply. We only recommend online casinos that we personally trust and have a good reputation throughout the industry. For example, a shoddy casino that offers PayPal wouldn’t make it onto this list as there are many more criteria in play, including safety, fairness and the overall quality of the gaming experience. In short, the brands featured above aren’t just PayPal casinos, they’re the best PayPal casinos that anyone could ever hope to play at!