Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

The game of roulette has always had something of a touch of class to it, even when played in some dodgy land based establishments and one thing that online developers have always somewhat struggled with is replicating the feeling of luxury – until now. Microgaming’s Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is a truly top class online game that will leave roulette fans absolutely salivating at the excellent sound effects, gorgeous graphics and all-round experience that simply cannot be beaten!

The Base Game

The wheel is already turning when you load the game – indeed, it never stops – and you can tell from the way that the colours are reflecting off the crystal that this game means business. Sure, it’s not quite lifelike but it’s very close and we’re more than happy to trade off the presence of a real dealer for the comfort of being able to play from anywhere!

The choices begin even before you’ve placed a chip on the board and the attention to detail is absolutely incredible, to the point that you can take your pick of six different table colours! Aesthetics are of course a minor concern when it comes to gameplay and there is no more fluid game when it comes to bet placement than this one. Click a chip and then scatter them however you see fit across the board or the racetrack. At this point, you’re ready to spin the wheel – although there’s even more that can be done if you’re looking for ultimate control.

Special Features on Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Sure, you could just spin the wheel and see what happens, but when you’re playing in the lap of luxury like this, you’ll almost certainly want to see what else is on offer. For starters, if you don’t have a set chip layout for each spin but do have a certain favourite, why not take advantage of the opportunity to save it? Up to six different bet layouts can be saved at once and you can flick between them with a single click or of course clear them completely to start afresh. You don’t have to just spin once either as Premier Roulette Diamond Edition also incorporates an auto play function where you can choose five, ten, 25 or even a hundred spins with a single click. Just bear in mind that if you walk off, the same bet will be used on every single spin!

The game is polished off with the inclusion of a truly spectacular amount of statistics. It goes even further than most too, with charts representing everything from whether the result was red or black to the percentages for columns and dozens. It all adds up to a roulette statisticians dream!

We rarely say that a table game needs to be seen to be believed – most players have seen it all before – but in this particular case, you simply must lay eyes on this game to truly appreciate it. You don’t even have to risk anything in order to do so either as you can enjoy all the action of Premier Roulette Diamond edition right here on the page with no deposit or download. The game is also available for real money play right now too – check out the gaming partners in the sidebar for the destinations that we think you should be playing at!

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