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Sherlock Holmes – The Hunt for Blackwood IGT Game

While it is fair to say that the character of Sherlock Holmes has never been forgotten over the years, it is equally fair to say that he has seen something of a renaissance in recent times. There’s not one but two major TV shows out there right now focused on the character, including the excellent Elementary and the slightly more niche British show Sherlock. This game proves just how popular the man has become as it is officially licenced and yet based on neither of those characters. Instead, IGT has opted to create a game based on the Sherlock Holmes movie of 2009, starring Robert Downey Jr as the man himself. That alone has to be some kind of record for one actor given the popularity of Playtech’s Iron Man and Avengers games!

Anyway, we digress and that’s something that there isn’t all that much time for here as the game starts things off in style with thirty win lines – although you’ll want to budget for sixty when placing your bets as the game charges the same amount on top in order to activate the features. Without so much as a wild card during standard play, you’ll definitely want to see some extra features and it won’t take long for one to fall in your lap.

Base Game Bonuses

There may be no wild card, but there are two different base game features to avail of on a regular basis. The simpler one is the mystery multiplier which can appear at any time and will apply anything up to a ten times multiplier to your win – a fun if unpredictable addition to proceedings here on this game. Next up is the teamwork feature that can see any symbols depicting Holmes or Watson coming together to effectively be worth three times as much as they would be in their own right.

The Picker Puzzle Main Event

In the absence of a wild card, the scatter becomes even more important and it is represented here by the bonus cog. Land one on reels three, four and five and you’ll be taken to Sherlock’s chamber where you’re welcome to take your pick of objects to win cash, along with the chance to open up a second bonus game with matching items. The first of these is the Blackwood Wheel Bonus which is basically an old IGT favourite in the form of the wheel of fortune. You can keep on spinning and winning while a pointer remains in play. Landing on Blackwood will knock a pointer out, but landing on Sherlock will bring them all back into the fray.

The other potential feature is the hunt bonus and this can see players receiving ten or fifteen free spins for matching three or four objects respectively in the initial pick round. Five symbol positions are marked at the start of the round and if Holmes or Watson land on them, they will freeze in place for the rest of the round. Cover all five and you’ll receive a bonus multiplier too, doubling all wins from the round.

We’d actually forgotten than IGT’s Sherlock Holmes – The Hunt for Blackwood was coming out this late in the year but that only heightened the surprise as it has turned out to be an absolutely cracking game. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay are truly on point and this is easily one of the biggest releases of the year. Check it out for yourself to experience some great bonus action – our version at the top of the page can be enjoyed with no deposit or download required!

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