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Silent Run
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Silent Run NetEnt Game

If you’ve browsed the selection of NetEnt games here on the site, or even at your favourite NetEnt casinos, then you’re probably well aware that the developer has a well-deserved reputation for visual quality. While this might sound like we’re kicking off the review on something of a downer, we think it’s fair to say that Silent Run may well be the worst looking game that the developer has ever released! Bear with us though, as this is completely intentional. The game is all about underwater combat in the Second World War and the graphics have been stylised to illustrate this point. When you look at it in that context, it all adds to the atmosphere for sure!

Turn on the Sonar with Echo Wilds

The wild cards are the first treat on this game and they offer something a little different to the norm. Indeed, the red echo wild symbol has a little feature of its own, which comes into play whenever the symbol lands on the third reel. Sonar signals are sent out around the board and they’re seeking other wilds which are hidden behind other symbols for some reason. Any wilds that it does find will be revealed and will immediately play a part in the current board state, improving the value of any wins.

The Silent Run Echo Bonus Feature

The red sonar is great for keeping things going in the base game, but we’re more concerned with the green one. When that one lands on the middle reel it will pull off a similar trick and exploring the board. However, this one doesn’t target wild cards, with torpedoes being the weapon of choice instead. Between two and five will be discovered and these are your weapons as you make your way into the next stage of the feature, and this where the warfare really begins. Each ship is worth cash and each torpedo is embossed with a multiplier. Put them both together and you have a tasty instant win.

Silent Run may look perfect for the time, but when the time was more than half a century ago we’re still not all that sure of it being a success! However, this is the most enjoyable pick a win bonus round we’ve come across since NetEnt’s very own Crime Scene and the game certainly deserves credit for that reason alone. Indeed, players may well appreciate the looks purely on the basis of the atmosphere that they create. See how it all goes for you by playing with no risk and no registration, right here at PLG!

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