Movie, TV and Hollywood Themed Slots

Movie, TV and Hollywood Themed Slots
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We often talk about the huge popularity of branded slots here at as developers are always looking to capitalise on the popularity of various licenses and to transfer that success into their own games. The term ‘branded’ does of course cover everything from board games to bands, but undeniably the most popular focus for this kind of action is the television and movie world. Some of the most played games of all time have been based directly on the small and big screens and the characters that populate them and you can be sure that if those games are available online, you’ll be able to play them here. We’ve got evidence too, as the full selection can be picked from and played instantly now!

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As always, our Slots Collections are not just about showcasing every game that fits nicely into a category but also highlighting the ones that we feel that our readers will really want to play. With that in mind, we feel that all of our players will have a great time when they enjoy what these three top slots have to offer.

Ghostbusters from IGT

There is no expiry date on a movie and its popularity and Ghostbusters has gone on to become a classic. IGT was the developer to pick up the license, as they so often do and the result is a truly excellent game that manages to bring the subject matter to life on the reels like never before. With starring appearances from all the main cast, even down to Slimer and the Stay Puft man, and bonus rounds that will have Ghostbusters fans jumping for joy, this game is the perfect introduction to the world of movie slots.

NetEnt's South Park

Both all-time classics and modern greats carry the same weight for slots developers and while it took a few years to come to fruition, the official South Park slot was well worth waiting for. We can't recall NetEnt having ever released a sloppy game so this one was always likely to be top notch, but the end result was one of the best games around. The show itself may not be to everyone's tastes but reel based action doesn't get much bigger and better than this so we'd recommend playing it and enjoying the diverse range of features even if you've never seen it. There's also a sequel in the form of South Park - Reel Chaos, which is equally entertaining and lots of fun to play.

Terminator 2 by Microgaming

One eighties movie that outstrips even Ghostbusters when it comes to popularity is Terminator 2 and that success has been spurred on by some recent updates to the series. This slot game is not all that old and you'll be treated to top class graphics and a free spins round that sees the reels growing and the number of potential winning combinations rising from 243 to 1,024 on each and every spin. Like South Park, it is a quality game even if you're not a fan and you can see whether you agree by playing it and any of the other titles within this collection completely free of charge!

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