Space Themed Online Slots

Space Themed Online Slots
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Space is a popular choice of theme among slots developers in both the online and offline worlds and the success of these games can be put down to a number of factors. For starters, various elements of space and space travel make for ideal board symbols, with things like planets and stars making regular appearances on the boards. Secondly, it gives developers the opportunity to go a little bit crazy with their designs – if they say that this is what an alien looks like, are you going to prove otherwise? In all seriousness, many of the slots in this collection are among the most played around, ensuring that you’ll be well served by the games that are on offer! Try them now – they’re all completely free to try!

Three Leading Space Themed Slots

While the sheer number of space themed slots may not quite be as large as those found in, for example, our Animal Slots collection, there's still plenty of choice and if you're having difficulty with choosing one, we'd suggest taking these ones for a spin as you're likely to have a great time!

Apollo Rising IGT Slot

We mentioned the use of creative license when creating space themed slots in the introduction and nowhere is this more apparent than on IGT's Apollo Rising. It's the inclusion of monkeys as astronauts that gets us every time and while monkeys have been to space, this combined with the overall style makes for a rather humorous experience to say the least! All the features and options that you'd expect from a name like IGT are present and correct too so you're sure to enjoy this one even if you're interest in space is only a passing one.

Big Bang by NetEnt

NetEnt are the masters when it comes to space themed slots and so you definitely shouldn't be surprised to see their name on this list. Visually, it's stunning and any space fan will have a great time traversing the planets and stars, alongside the flared playing card icons. It's also the perfect game to pass the time with as there's no bonus round as such, with all of the important action taking place solely on the main game board thanks to the multiplier. The chance to win just as big as any other slot without leaving the main screen sounds good to us and if it sounds good to you to, you can play Big Bang instantly here on the site!

NetEnt's Cosmic Fortune

NetEnt's mastery of the space theme means that their influence extends to taking up two of the three positions on this list and their second, Cosmic Fortune, is a little different to Big Bang. For starters, the focus is more on ridiculous alien beings than stars and planets and the game is somewhat more conventional for bonus hunters. This is achieved through free spins rounds and even a special jackpot game which is essentially space based pachinko! It's one game that you're unlikely to tire of so there's no time like right now to get playing!

In addition to being able to play without a deposit as noted above, players can also find out everything they need to know about playing for real by heading over to the feature for any game that catches their eye.