TV Shows

TV Shows
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The television industry has always presented rather rich pickings for online slots developers, especially those that are always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to branded games. Like all such titles, the appeal is clear as the games have a readymade audience that can already relate to what’s going on in the game – it’s then up to them to leverage the license to make for something truly exciting! The good news is that they rarely fail to do so and some of the biggest television show slots around also happen to rank among our favourites. What better way to celebrate them than to pull them together into one of our dedicated slots collections?

Three of our Favourite TV Show Slots

With plenty to pick from, narrowing down our favourite TV slots was easier said than done. However, we always like to shine the spotlight on a trio of games in each collection that we think that the majority of our players will enjoy and so we simply couldn't resist. If the range of games at the top of the page is so large that it's a little overwhelming then we think any of these games will represent the perfect place to start.

IGT's Jeopardy!

One specific subgenre of TV show slots that is simply unmissable is the range based on popular gameshows and the success of those titles is due in no small part to IGT's passion for them. They take games that are so famous that they're household names in homes that have never even seen the show and Jeopardy! is the perfect example. The core action is both solid and spectacular as any IGT fan will verify and the bonus round incorporates elements of the show's concept subtly yet in a way that is sure to get any fan excited.

Wheel of Fortune - Triple Extreme Spin

The IGT gameshow action continues with Wheel of Fortune - Triple Extreme Spin, the second Wheel of Fortune game to hit online screens. What sets this apart from the other game is that it offers up plenty of elements from the show while also being a decidedly IGT style game in nature. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than on the main game board itself, which is borrowed directly from games like Siberian Storm for a Multiway Xtra experience and 720 ways to win! The bonus round is no slouch either with a multitude of wheels to spin and prizes to be won!

South Park - Reel Chaos from NetEnt

While TV show slots are almost always excellent, few come close to NetEnt's South Park games when it comes to feeling like you're actually part of the show. Top notch animations and visuals ensure that you may as well be watching the programme and a whole host of themed features make for some of the most exciting gaming action ever seen! In fairness, both current South Park games are excellent and definitely deserve to be among the top choice for any TV fan and slots player!

Each and every one of the games on this page is available for no deposit play right here on the site and if you'd prefer to play for cash, you can do that too as each slot has its own review, complete with the best places to play for real money!