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South Park by NetEnt

When the official South Park slot from NetEnt was announced back in 2013, perhaps the most surprising thing was just how long it had taken for such a game to come about. Considering that the show debuted in 1997 and did more merchandise than Kiss and Playboy put together, the absence of an online slot for more than a decade was a strange one! Fortunately, even if you’d been counting down the days until the game’s release, you’d soon have come to realise that it was well worth the wait as this game is everything that we would hope for from a South Park slot and so much more besides.

There’s no better place to start than the looks of the game as they’re pretty crucial given how important they are to the show’s legacy. The great news is that the symbols and backdrops, not to mention the animations within the features, could very well have been drawn by the original artists from the show – and could well have been for that matter. It’s safe to say that if the main game board were to be dropped into the show itself, most people wouldn’t notice the difference if it wasn’t for the wild card and red bonus symbol!

Kick Off the Wins with the Mini Features

The features of South Park are even more reason to play the game than the theme and they kick off with mini features that can be triggered at random at any point in the base game. Terence and Phillip may pop up to basically fart out wild cards, with one each landing on reels two, three and four respectively, hopefully bringing even more wins into play. Alternatively, Mr Hankey may appear at the bottom of the screen and takes things a step further than the Canadian heroes by ‘placing’ additional wild cards onto reels one, three and five. Finally, Cartman may introduce his massive wild card to the board which trumps both previous features as it is essentially a nine square block of wilds that lands directly in the middle of the screen, bringing the full first reel into play at a minimum.

Win Bigger with the Character Bonuses

The show itself would be nothing without the characters and neither would this game, as all your favourites are in play, complete with their own bonus. Indeed, the importance of the characters is emphasised by the fact that you’ll need one of the aforementioned red bonus symbols on reels two and three, together with one character bonus symbol on the fifth.

First up, we’ll take a look at the Cartman bonus, which is perhaps the simplest of the lot. The screen fills with bushes and you can take your pick to reveal a cash prize, a bonus multiplier, extra picks, a warning or the dreaded ‘game over’ symbol. They’re all pretty self-explanatory so we’ll move swiftly on to Kenny’s bonus game. As always, he’s in grave danger of dying and your job is to attempt to guide him through the round. He doesn’t die instantly and has a couple of lives, with one being lost whenever he falls down a hole, but he should hopefully remain living for long enough for players to pick up a few coin wins and multipliers along the way.

The Kyle bonus is a free spins round with a twist, as not only will you pick up ten free spins as standard but will also bring his brother Ike into play. This special symbol is only important on reel five and will see Ike hopping out of position onto one of the symbols below the reels. These can reveal coins, multipliers or even additional spins.

Finally, we come to Stan’s free spins bonus, where the action kicks off with players not knowing exactly how many bonus spins they’re in for. A wild is placed on the third reel and will remain in place for the first two spins. The hope here is that another wild will land in the course of those two spins as every single one can remain in place for two further spins and as long as there’s a wild on the board, the bonus game continues.

South Park Mobile Slot

This game is a big release to say the least, so it won’t shock anyone to know that the game also makes up a core part of the NetEnt mobile gaming selection. This version may have been specially designed with phones and tablets in mind but still boasts each and every one of the great features noted above. You’ll need a real money account with a NetEnt gaming partner to play on your mobile and you’ll be able to see which we recommend in the sidebar. Incidentally, these are the best destinations if you’re looking to play the online version for real money too.

Of course, you don’t need to play for real money at all if you simply want to experience the finest South Park slot around and check out the features. Our version here on the page is completely free to play and you don’t even need an account to get spinning, so check it out now!

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