Star Trek – Red Alert

Star Trek – Red Alert
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Star Trek – Red Alert Slot

If you’re a Trekkie then it’s fair to say that you’re absolutely spoiled for choice here at IGT takes care of the latest series of movies featuring the likes of Zachary Quinto with Star Trek and Star Trek – Against All Odds. However, if you’re more of the generation that will be familiar with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, then Star Trek – Red Alert is the online video slot for you. WMS is the name behind this particular game and there’s plenty to explore – not just the final frontier – so let’s see how this game stacks up to its modern counterparts.

Hit the Random Win Warp

It doesn’t take long for the features to get up and running on this game as the Win Warp can randomly come into play following any winning spin. You may see a wild multiplier being placed on the reels, or Scotty could use his transporter to turn one or two reels completely wild. Spock may put logic to the test by adding a multiplier of between three and ten times the original value to the relevant win, or the Enterprise itself may fly across the board, turning the symbols of your winning combination into a bigger value symbol.

The Red Alert Bonus Round

While a few extras as part of the board based game are always nice, the real meat on this outstanding video slot comes from the main Red Alert bonus feature. It requires three or more feature symbols in view and will lead to what could be considered to be an unlimited free spins round, whereby the end of the round is determined by something other than a set number.

When you hit a win on a bonus spin, the Enterprise will take aim at a ship and destroy it, uncovering a multiplier for your win in the process. If a spin doesn’t win then the Enterprise takes a hit, losing a shield charge in the process. When all five charges are depleted, the player gets to pick one of three hidden options. This could be one last win spin, a recharge of the shields allowing the game to continue or simply a symbol denoting the end of the bonus round. With a one in three chance of doubling the round each time, things don’t get much better than what this round has to offer!

Star Trek – Red Alert is absolutely essential for fans of the original show and even non-Trekkies are sure to be delighted with the free spins wins that are up for grabs. Take a closer look at how the Red Alert round plays out with no deposit required above, or play for cash right away by checking out the full game at one of the featured WMS partners in this review’s sidebar!

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