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Stickers NetEnt Game

Subtlety has never been one of NetEnt’s strong points when it comes to releasing new games and you can often tell what kind of exciting action you can expect within a few moments of actually loading the game. Stickers actually manages to buck that trend as on the surface, it looks deceptively simple. Sure, the symbols are bold and the graphics are as good as any player could hope, but a simple combination of fruits and playing card icons would not necessarily inspire confidence! However, this is one game that has a hidden feature that soon becomes apparent and instantly transforms it into a must play – and the clue is in the name.

Twenty Lines of Colourful Action

We’ll keep the surprise under out hats for a little longer while we discuss the basics of Stickers – and basic they are. Twenty lines of action aren’t necessarily imposing by any stretch and it’s simply a case of lining up the aforementioned fruit stickers and playing card icons, often with the assistance of the wild card.

Sticky Wins on Stickers

The wild seems simple enough at first glance – there is no scatter symbol in play so it really can fill in for any other icon in the game. However, as soon as one of these wilds comes into play you’ll notice that there is more to this game than may initially meet the eye. When a wild lands on the board, it will stick in place while every other symbol position respins for free. Hopefully, this leads to an additional win with no further investment on the part of the player and in the best case scenario you’ll see another wild card landing on the board. If it does so, that makes for another respin and if it’s really your luck day it is perfectly possible to land a whole board full of wilds before the respins come to an end!

Stickers Touch

As you can tell, the secret feature on Stickers can be highly lucrative but isn’t exactly mentally taxing. This works in your favour if you enjoy playing your favourite games on smartphones or tablets, as there’s no waiting around for special bonus features to make an appearance. The good news in that case is that there is a fully featured mobile version of the game in the form of Stickers Touch and it can be found at the same gaming destinations as its online counterpart.

So, for real money action on a simple but highly effective game, you’ll definitely want to check out all that Stickers has to offer at one of our featured brands, as listed in the sidebar. If you’d prefer to get some no risk practice in first then stay right where you are as the full, no deposit version of the game is live and ready to play now at the top of this review!

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