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Transformers – Battle for Cybertron

The vast majority of IGT’s leading online slots were initially designed with the land based audience in mind and then converted for online availability. While that is the case with Transformers – Battle for Cybertron, the game actually became more popular when it landed online rather than the other way around. In fairness, it was always likely to be something of a hit given the popularity of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies but this one has really cranked things up a notch online, becoming the perfect branded slot for fans while also being a highly entertaining game in its own right. Read on to see exactly what makes it so special!

Forty Win Lines and Plenty of Robots

As you’d expect from a Transformers game, there’s absolutely no shortage of robots on the game board – or Decepticons and Autobots as they’re referred to within the franchise’s universe. There are plenty of chances to win by lining up these various symbols but it is, as is often the case with any branded slots, the features and bonuses where the action really starts to heat up. One such feature is built into the base game and comes in the form of rolling reels, whereby any winning symbols will disappear to make way for more to land from above. That’s only the start of the action though!

Mystery Features at Every Turn

You don’t even need to look out for specific symbol combinations for many of the features on the game, as there is a whole host of bonuses that can be triggered at random and work nicely with the rolling reels. Each is also based on a certain Transformer. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, can come into play and will destroy every Decepticon symbol on the board, allowing potentially more useful symbols to land in play. Megatron, his evil counterpart, can do the same thing but this time it is of course the Autobot symbols that are to be destroyed. Grimlock will destroy any number of random symbols, while Shockwave will do something similar but this time in a certain pattern. In the long term, Ratchet can be a Transformer that you grow to love as he’ll only appear when you have two bonus symbols on the board. His role is simply to add a third, granting access to the main event.

Enter the Cybertron Bonus for Free Spins

Whether you get to the bonus game with the assistance of Ratchet or simply the old fashioned way, the outcome is the same. You’ll be offered a set of spins and multipliers based on four different Transformers. If you prefer bigger multipliers then Megatron is your man, as he awards five free games with a multiplier of between eight and ten times. Bumblebee is responsible for the largest number of spins, with fifteen spins and a multiplier of between two and four times on offer. Landing in the middle are Optimus Prime and Shockwave, who offer eight spins and a multiplier of between four and ten times or twelve spins with a multiplier between three and five times respectively.

Transformers – Battle for Cybertron for Mobile Devices

As if that wasn’t all enough to get you excited, the full Transformers video slot experience is not just restricted to online play. Even if you’re on your way to playing the land based version you can keep the action going as the game is available across all desktop computers together with smartphones and tablets at any great real money gaming destination that offers IGT games. If you’re after somewhere new to play then our recommendations are in the sidebar, but you can get started instantly with no account and no deposit by playing our full version of the game right here at

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